Fox Cubs 2017-18

Fox Cub’s Class Blog Wednesday 14th March 2018

Today was science day!

We have had a fantastic time around the school doing all sorts of different experiments with different teachers.
We first of all talked about what science was, and were very excited to learn all about the world!

“I learnt that wrapping foil around a cup will make it warmer” Peter said.
“We were learning about animal poo!” Ava giggled. “My favourite bit was looking through a magnifying glass!”
“It was only pretend!” Reassured Madeline.
“We looked closely to find out if the animal was a herbivore, omnivore, or a carnivore” Arthur explained.
“I liked pulling the tyres on the concrete and the grass. The concrete was easier because it had less friction” Lacie said.
“I liked working in a team” Eliana said. “Yeh! It made us faster!” Poppy added.
“We used a cover and wood to make a den” Reggie said. The children learnt about waterproof and insulators and had to make a den that could keep them dry when a bucket of water was poured over the top!

What a fantastic day of learning 🙂