Fox Cubs 2017-18

Fox Cubs Class Blog Friday 9th March 2018

We have been having fantastic fun. “We have been learning lots of facts about emperor penguins” Ava said. Did you know, “they live in Antarctica” Alfie said. “They swim in water” Bella said. “They slide on their tummies!” Jenson told us. “That’s called tobogganing!” Charlie said. “Penguins can’t fly” Ruby said, “and they eat squid, krill, and fish” Bethany added.

We have also learnt a new sound this week. “ure!” Ellah said. We are so good at remembering our sounds, and can even use our sounds to write information about penguins all by ourselves!

Belle and Ruby went on GOLD this week for outstanding maths. They worked together to recognise numbers to 30, and created them using the giant numicon outdoors. They then challenged themselves even further by creating a 100 number tile and were able to make 100 and count them all up to check! WOW!

We have been enjoying doing animal dances and songs for our home learning, and have had lots of giggles watching them on the big screen!

What a brilliant week!