Owls 2017-18

Owls Class Blog 02.02.18

This week we have been taking part in the RSPB Birdwatch.

‘We made bird feeders using cardboard or toilet rolls. We covered the card in fat and then sprinkled bird seed on it.’ Aimee- May

‘We put them outside on the trees.’ George

‘We went outside to watch the birds.’ Cherri-Rose

In Maths we then looked at ways of collecting this information.

‘We have been making tallies.’ Wesley

‘We made pictograms showing how many birds came to our school.’ Henry

‘We had a sheet of squares and we had to colour the squares to how many birds we saw. We looked to see which tower was the highest.’ Tommy

‘This is called a block graph.’ Eshal

‘We made up a new story map. It is not a cold one it is a hot one. It is about a monkey.’ Finley

We have been looking at making our writing interesting and have been building up to writing a ‘sentence of 3.’

‘We need to use adjectives, 3 nouns, the word ‘and’ and a simile.’ Samuel.

Finally, ‘We have been practising for our class assembly.’ Seth

We are all very excited to show you all what we have been learning this half term. Come and watch us next Wednesday at 2.45pm!

We will be sure to add some assembly photos in next week’s blog.