Otters Class Blog – 23.2.18

We have been resilient practising our take away (subtraction) by using an empty number line.  We have been taking 10 away and then other two digit numbers from numbers in to the 100s. (Esme)

In topic we were curious and looked at different  resources to find out what Captain Scott and his team would have worn, eaten, taken with them and what they did in the South Pole.  (Eden H) They studied Penguin eggs because they wanted to find out if penguins are related to dinosaurs.  This is called Zoology (Fin.)

On Wednesday we went on a school trip to Cambridge to the Botanical Gardens and the Polar Institute.  We looked at different glasshouse with a variety of climates.  The mountain glasshouse was cold and the desert was dangerous because it had lots of spiky plants in it.  (Alyssa). The Rainforest glasshouse was huge and hot and damp.  It had some lovely plants in it, a Bird of Paradise and a Strangler Fig.

At the Polar Institute we learnt more about Captain Scott and his team who explored the South Pole.  We looked around the museum and filled in a sheet showing what they would have packed to take with them. (Ben McG.)  We also saw a Polar Bear skin.

In English we wrote a recount of our trip to Cambridge which was a very busy and exciting day.