Otters Blog – 2.2.18

This week we have been resilient learning our 5 times tables and practising our 10s times tables.  We have been solving maths problems by using arrays where we have to be careful to make sure we have the right number of dots in our columns.

In English we have started writing a description of a setting from part of The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe.  We have been very creative in our use of different words.  We described the setting using adjectives, verbs and prepositions.  We have written some amazing sentences.

In our topic work we have been resourceful in finding out about Captain Scott and his adventure to the South Pole.  He wanted to be the first person to the South Pole but was unfortunately beaten to it by Roald Amundsen.

On Wednesday we were curious and investigated whether blubber keeps you warm in cold water by putting lard in a bag and then putting our hands in it and plunging them into a bowl of ice.  We decided that it does help protect you from the cold.

In our Art lesson we sketched polar bears with chalks and charcoal and also sketched a background to make a lovely picture for a display.