Fox Cubs 2017-18

Fox Cubs Class Blog Friday 23rd February 2017

Lots of us have got sooo many challenge stickers this week. We can’t wait to find out who will win the prize! The Fox Cubs have been working so hard and have made Miss Riddington very proud.

“Peter and Bethany had a birthday” Ellah reminded us. They are born on the same day because they were in mummy’s tummy at the same time. They are twins. Bethany did a roley-poley in her mummy’s tummy!

Harley went on gold. “I did great stuff on the computer” he told us. Harley had been doing some adding on a game where he had to type in the answer after counting how many altogether.

Ruby has been a very helpful child of the week. She has got the milk and snack, done lots of jobs, and even helped to do some teaching too!

“The penguins left us a present” Reggie remembered. “They left us ten books” Poppy said. They were information books. “Information has pages with lots of facts about animals” Ava said. “They have page numbers” Eliana. They even have a contents page. We loved finding out lots of facts about narwhals, and even made information books of their own too. Did you know that the male narwhals have a tusk on their head? “They are like a whale unicorn!” Ava said giggling!

“I’ve been playing football outside with Erick” Peter said.

“I played with my friends” Charlie said.

“We have been playing lots with our friends” Lacie added.

We have loves cooking with Mrs Burt today and were able to safely use a knife using the bridge technique to do some cutting.

We have loved our first week back and have been working so hard. We love having Mrs Reeve here to help us too!