Red Squirrels Blog 12.01.18

Elsie thinks we have been reflective when we were planning our acrostic poem. We thought of ideas in a thought bubble and then planned an acrostic poem. Lexi thinks we also showed resilience when we were thinking of our ideas.

In our challenge time we have shown we were creative when we made paper snow globes. (Harry C)

Abigail believes we were resilient in dance this week because we had to keep practising different dance moves to look like a penguin.

We have also shown we are curious learners because we used a Thesaurus to look up different words that have the same meaning.

Lenny showed he was curious in the snowman Maths challenge. Lenny had to work out how many arms 6 snowmen would have altogether?

We were resourceful in Geography because we had to use an Atlas to help us find continents and the oceans of the world.