Owls 2017-18

Owls Class Blog 19.01.18

We have carried on learning about money.

‘We pretended to buy things from the toy shop and add up how much we spent.’ George

‘We have been learning about hot and cold animals. We have found out information about penguins.’ Emma

‘We have been learning to dance like a penguin in PE.’ Eshal

‘We found a penguin in our cupboard.’ Wesley

‘There was a trail of footprints on the classroom floor leading to the cupboard.’ Chloe

‘We have been learning a story about a boy and a penguin. We have used a story map.’ Samuel

We have continued making things for our class and cloakroom displays.

‘We have been making butterflies using glue and salt. When you add some water colours it spreads out along the salt.’ Aimee-May

‘I really enjoyed making a sloth. I used my shoe for his body.’ Seth

‘All our hot air balloons are now hanging up in our classroom and in the cloakroom.’ Ebony

‘We drew around our hand and cut it out to make bird feathers.’ Finley