Otters Blog – 26.1.18

This week we have been very busy again. Mrs Buckley has worked us very hard.  Lucie has enjoyed practising her times tables. We have all been resilient and continued to practise these.  We now feel that we know our ten times table much better. Next week we will be learning our 5 xtable.  In PE Amber liked walking like a penguin and travelling in different ways.  We worked collaboratively to make our dance better. Harry enjoyed drawing his block graph.  We had to take data from a tally chart and put it into a block graph. See our display in the classroom. Ben enjoyed golden time, drawing himself in chalk, catching snowflakes on his tongue.  We were creative when we did this.  In challenge time, Albie enjoyed making penguins.  We were creative in this too.  We have also written some amazing descriptions of a setting for the South Pole.  We were all prasied and felt very proud of our work. Alyssa said the music was fun this week when we listened to rainforest music and sounds. We also looked at a picture and had to imagine what it was like to be there and how we would feel.