Otters Class Blog – 24.11.17

In maths we have been learning how to recognise which number is greater than another.

32 > 15

15 < 32

We also have learnt how to add ten to a number. We have been resourceful using numicon and number lines to help us.  We have been resilient by practising how to add a 2 digit number using a number line.

In English, we have continued to write instructions.  We have worked collaboratively to think up ideas.  We have been creative writing our own instructions on how to wash, train or look after our mythical woodland creature.

In PE we have been resilient trying and trying to improve our exercises.  Mrs Ash has set us a challenge to complete in 2 weeks!

On Thursday, we had the fire service visit and we learnt how to escape from  a fire safely.  We also learnt about tools and equipment on board the fire engine.  We have been reflective  using what we learnt from the day to help us with our instruction writing.