Fox Cubs 2017-18

Fox Cubs 24/11/2017

Lacie – “We have been practising our numbers”

George – “I’ve enjoyed playing duck duck goose”

Jenson – “I’ve been playing football with Amy”

Ella – “I liked playing with Lilly”

Reggie – “we’ve been writing numbers”

Poppy reminded us that we have been doing some bossy actions. Bethany showed us first, Peter showed us next, Belle showed us after that and Henry showed us finally.

Eliana said she has enjoyed making pictures of princesses

Ava – “I’ve enjoyed playing with my friends in the playground”

Harley- “I’ve loved playing with my friends, especially Madeline and Ellah”

Charlie said that he has enjoyed doing the days of the week song. We can all now sing the song beautifully in the morning and help to write the day, date and month.

Another amazing week Fox Cubs!