Owls 2017-18

Owls Class Blog 19.10.17

At the beginning of the week we had a special RE day where we thought about being grateful for the lovely things our world gives us. In Year One we thought about how Jewish people show they are thankful and learnt about the festival of Sukkot.

Jewish people build a shelter in their gardens called a Sukkah. They decorate it and will eat their meals in the Sukkah. Sometimes they even sleep in there.

We built a Sukkah in the Forest Area and had our own little celebration.

Jewish people also make Lulavs during Sukkot from leaves of plants. They use palm leaves, willow twigs and myrtle leaves bound together to make the Lulav and they hold a citrus fruit, a bit like a lemon, called an Etrog in their left hand. They shake the Lulav in their right hand.

We made our own version of a Lulav.

This week we have also been thinking about Autumn. (Tommy)

We made our own leaves (Jessica) They are all different colours (Eshal). We have put them on the classroom windows so the sun can shine on them and they will catch all the pretty colours.

I went on silver for writing about what I could see and feel in Autumn. (Dexter)

Outside we have painted with puddles. We used food colouring and oil. (Mabel)

Today we had a practice fire alarm. (Henry) We checked to see everyone was out of the building. If there was a real fire we would need to get out quick.

To end our busy half term we had a Learning Café today. Mrs Burt read a book called ‘How Many Legs?’ by Kes Gray and Jim Field and we carried out lots of different activities counting animals’ legs. It was lots of fun and we enjoyed spending time with our mummies and nannies.

We hope you all have a wonderful half term holiday and we will see you back in school on Monday 30th October 2017.