Owls 2017-18

Owls Class Blog 13.10.17

Maths this week has been all about shapes.

We have been learning about 2D and 3D shapes (Lexie)

A 3D shape that looks like a ball is called a sphere. (Henry)

A 3D shape that has 2 circle ends and curved in the middle is called a cylinder. (Jessica)

A square has 4 sides and they are all the same. (Harry)

A cuboid has 2 square faces and 4 rectangle faces. It is taller than a cube and a cube has all square faces.  (Samuel)

I made a cube and a pyramid using the polydrons. (Tommy)

The difference between a rectangle and a square is that a square has all the same size sides and a rectangle has two sides that are long and two sides that are short. (Finley)

After planning our stories last week we have had a go at writing them this week.

We have been writing our own stories from our story map. My story was called ‘The Three Chickens.’ (Wesley)

This week we found the book Caveman Dave that the phonics fairy left us. We have been learning the a-e sound. It’s a split digraph. (Aimee-May)


We had fun writing different ay/a-e/ai words in shaving foam.

We have still been thinking about the Three Billy Goats Gruff and have been talking about different ways the goats could have crossed the river. We had lots of ideas like flying across in a helicopter, taking a run up and leaping across, the Big Billy Goat could butt a tree down and create a new bridge to use or he could lie down and stretch his back and front legs out across the river and act as a bridge himself so the other goats could walk across him! However, we then decided that they could just use a boat so we worked collaboratively to make and test them out to see if they worked.

Caleb and Joe worked together to make their boat and were pleased that it floated.

We have ended the week with a very special treat. We watched a puppet show of the Three Billy Goats Gruff.

Mabel’s favourite part was when the troll fell in the water!

Dexter thought how the goats were made was very clever.

Emma enjoyed it when water came out from the scenery. (It wasn’t real water)

The story was a little different from the one that we know because in this story the troll was angry that people kept throwing their litter into the water where he lived.

We all had a really enjoyable time!

It is hard to believe that we have almost reached the end of the first half term already. Don’t forget that next Thursday we are holding our first Learning Cafes of the year and we hope to see you all there on Thursday 19th October at 1.30pm.