Otter’s Blog – 6.10.17

In Science we learnt how germs get everywhere from sneezes, hands, coughs, raw meat.  If left unwashed they can weigh the same as Earth after 2 days. (Fin)  To stop this we should wash our hands with soap and water to get rid of the  germs before eating and after going outside/ to the toilet. (Ben C)

Kara-May enjoyed making the wolf face in challenge time because it was fun. The children had to draw round templates and collage the wolf face before sticking on his nose and ears.  Beware of Otters class full of wolves!

Albie – “ I enjoyed writing a letter to Grandma, pretending to be the Wolf.” The children all had a go at writing a letter in the writing area during challenge time.

We have started to plan our own version of Little Red Riding Hood.  We have changed the main character, setting, what is in the basket, who is poorly and who scares the wolf away. (Harry)  The children used a planning box and then a story S plan to plan their stories.

Charlie enjoyed making spoon puppets.  Later on in the week, we used them to act out the story of Red Riding Hood. Some of us were Grandma, Red Riding Hood and The Wolf.

In PE we did gymnastics.  We learnt how to make different shapes with our body, different balances and balancing at different levels. ( Amber)