Otters Class Blog – 15th September 2017

Welcome to everyone who has joined Otters Class this term.  We are all looking forward to the exciting new challenges and learning experiences that Year 2 brings.

This week we have been ordering numbers. We then had to find one number above and below and then then next five numbers from a given two digit number.  Some of us were able to do this for 100s numbers!

In English we have started looking at Traditional Tales.  On Monday we went round the school looking different clues to lots of traditional tales and had to guess which ones they belonged to.  We found some porridge and a spoon – what story could that be from?  We have read lots of different tales and told our favourite ones to our friends.  We have been describing some of the main characters and thinking about the different settings.

In art we have been very busy making the scenery for our corridor display – see if you can spot the different traditional ales we have depicted.