Owls 2016-17

Owls Class Blog 8.06.17

‘We have a new topic called, ‘DINOSAURS’ (Lucy) so we have spent the week thinking about all that we know about dinosaurs already. We have been helping to decorate the classroom and the cloakroom as part of our topic.

‘We could make a dinosaur out of junk modelling. I made a diplodocus and I know that its stomach was the size of a swimming pool.’ Erin

‘We created and coloured our own dinosaurs. I used paint to colour mine.’ Lexi

‘Yesterday I drew my own dinosaur. He has a long neck and a short tail. He has small legs.’ Joshua

‘We made pictures of our own dinosaurs. We wrote sentences about our dinosaurs.’ Alfie

‘I think the Allosaurus was the biggest of the dinosaurs.’ Abigail

‘We have got some new Home Learning tasks. I am looking forward to making a mask.’ Harry C

‘I am looking forward to making a movie with my model dinosaurs.’ Charlie S

‘I want to make up a puppet show with my big T-Rex. He has got big teeth.’ Jayden

‘This morning we were thinking about going on a DINO Hunt. I drew a back pack and all the things that I would like to take. I coloured them in and labelled them.’ Isobel

‘I made a time machine with a TV in it. This helps me travel back 65 million years.’ Jack

‘The fossil lady came today. We were pretending to find the fossils using special brushes.’ Elsie

We got a big surprise this afternoon when 2 dinosaurs arrived in our playground! First of all we met Chewy, a baby T-Rex and then we met Millie an adult T-Rex! Luckily she was very friendly and was happy to pose for photographs with us. What an amazing day we have had!