Fox Cubs 2016-17

Fox Cubs Class Blog Friday 30th June 2017

We have had such fun this week learning all about dinosaurs.

“I know triceratops, t-rex, stegosaurus, brontosaurus, diplodocus, pterodactyl, and loads more!” Lola told us.

“It’s science day today! We have been doing volcanoes!” Wes said. “We are trying to make volcanoes erupt. We made our own volcanoes with lava too” Henry.

“We got salt and vinegar, food colouring, washing up liquid, and bicarbonate of soda. They had a reaction and they exploded” Aimee-May said.

“We have been making cars and testing them on the ramps. We were seeing if they go further on different materials” Elsie-May said.

“We were exploring and finding the hardest things to find. The posh word is camouflage” Liliana said.

“We have learnt that dinosaurs lay eggs” William told us.

“An egg arrived at school and we looked after it” Ebony said.

“The egg is orange and lots of cardigans are under it to keep it warm” Sophia said.

“I went up in assembly and read my story map. I had 3 diplodocus and 2 pterodactyls!” Lennon told us. He went on GOLD for his amazing story.

In maths we have been making forest number lines using pine cones, leaves, sticks, and conkers. We have also been working in pairs to collect natural objects and share them out. “That’s called half” Ralphie said. We know that halving is two equal groups.

What a brilliant week! Let’s hope for some more sunshine next week!