Fox Cubs 2016-17

Fox Cub 8th June 2017

What an inspiring fist week back. We LOVE our new topic- DINOSAURS!

This week we have been learning all sorts of information about dinosaurs, using information books to help us to identify different types.

We had a special box appear on Monday… and inside was an adorable baby dinosaur. We have very carefully looked after him this week. Elsie-May got him some water to wash his paws, Lola tucked him into a warm towel (as he was a little bit wet), and Liliana organised a special place for the eggs.

We have had some new tricky words appear (it must have been the slime monster!) …they are were, have, are, some, come, all, and like. We are practicing as much as we can to try and remember them.

As part of our stunning start we learnt how to be a paleontologist! “That means you dig up old fossils” Jenson said. The specialist talked to us about how fossils happen, and even taught us that dinosaurs were alive 65 MILLION years ago! “Carnivores eat meat” Chloe said. “Herbivores eat plants and leaves” Elsie-May said. We even found out how big a real life pterodactyl is!

Oh yes… and we met a t-rex!!

What a crazy week!