Red Squirrels 2016-17

Squirrels Class Blog 5.5.17

In English we have been describing a rainforest using noun phrases. On Wednesday we used our imagination to go on a treasure hunt (Rebecca).

I found two golden cups (Ralf).

Tilly discovered a white diamond crystal.

I found a gem and claw! (Grace)

Oscar found a beak from a toucan.

Emma found a fluffy feather from a rainbow bird.

Today in English we have been retelling the story ‘Lost in the Jungle’ (Emma) we used an S plan and actions (Khadijah).

In Geography we drew pictures of rainforest fruits onto a map to show which rainforest they come from. (Finlay).

In Science we have been experimenting with chocolate. We were investigating what happened to the chocolate in different places around the school (Lily-Rose). Our group but our chocolate in Mrs Crosby’s fridge and Shayna put it in her sock. The chocolate in Shayna’s sock melted! (Immy)

In Maths we have been dividing and using fractions to share. (Rhys). Today Miss Ely gave us some word problems and we had to using our sharing method.