Red Squirrels 2016-17

Squirrels Class 19.5.17

This week we have been finishing off our quizzes. In our reading quizzes there was a non-fiction part about swimming and a story about a fox. (Shayna)

On Monday we used our senses to describe the rainforest fruits. The pineapple felt prickly and spikey ( Rhys). The pomegranate felt lumpy (Ollie)

In the afternoon we tasted the different rainforest fruits and we voted for our favourite tasting fruit and the pineapple had the most votes and the melon had the least.  (Immy)

We used the information to draw a block graph (Alex)

In RE we thought about people who are special to us. (Immy)

My brother is special to me because we always play together and have fun! (Rhys)

My Mum and Dad are special to me because they read stories to me when it is time to go to bed. (Grace)

My brother’s and my Dad are special to me because we all play together! (Jack)

My Mum, Dad and brother are important to me because they kiss me and take care of me. (Rebecca)

God is special because if there wasn’t a God then there wouldn’t be any people. (Alfie)

My Nanny is special to me because she used to give me lots of cuddles. (Sophia)

Miss Davenport taught us Rounders this week, we had to have good throwing skills and batting skills. We had to try and hit the ball as far as we could!

We have also learnt about the Yanomami tribe. (Freddy)

The Yanomami tribe live inside a Maloca and over 100 people can live in them! (Jack) The Malocas are made from wood and straw. (Shayna)

The Yanomami wear very different clothes to us, they use things that they find in the rainforest like animal skins. (Lois)

The Yanomami put poison on the end of their weapons to kill their prey (Alex)

When they have celebrations they wear headdresses made form feathers. (Jack)

On Thursday we went outside and completed a rainforest quiz, we had to look for the answers that Miss Firth had hidden around the playground. (Ikechi)

What a busy week we have had!