Owls 2016-17

Owl’s Class Blog 05.05.17

We have read the book Sam’s Sandwich.  (Thomas)

We have made our own books. Mine is called Ellie-Mai’s Sandwich. In my sandwich I had some cucumber, lettuce and tomato but also a wiggly worm! (Ellie-Mai)

Erin showed her own book in assembly because she had been resourceful. There was not a template for the tomato ketchup so she made her own. (Elsie)

We made some real sandwiches with bugs in. I put a spider in mine. Lucy

When we came back from Tesco last week we were given a recipe for Royal Rice Salad in our Goody bag. We decided it would be a nice idea to make a rice salad of our own.

We tasted lots of different rice. My favourite rice was the wild rice. (Alfie)

16 of us liked the Pilau rice the best.

We had to cut all the ingredients up to put in our salad. Harry C

We made a rice salad. I chose white rice. (Isobel)

In class this week we have been working on being RESOURCEFUL and, as Elsie has already mentioned, Erin stood up in our Good Learning assembly for demonstrating this in class.

Codey says he has been resourceful and this week at home (and creative) because he has asked his mummy for an old soap bottle and he is going to use it to plant some sunflower seeds.