Otters 2016-17

Otter Class Blog 26.5.17

We have been planning a Tea Party this week, to have during our Reading Café, which is today! (Charlotte).  At the beginning of the week we brainstormed ideas (Taylor).  These ideas included making doilies, table decorations, biscuits, games and table cloths.  We made flowers to decorate the tables (Chloe).

In groups we worked collaboratively to design and make a game to be played at the party (Zac).  Charlotte, Macy, Laney, Phoebe, Arabella and Isabella shared their food Pictionary game in assembly.  They worked as a team to make the game. 

Also in maths we made a pictogram to show how many coloured smarties were in a box.  Afterwards we were able to eat them (Luke).

Today we are looking forward to our tea party, playing our games and doing a food hunt, and eating our sandwiches and biscuits that we made this morning.