Hedgehogs 2016-17

Hedgehogs Class Weekly Blog wb 15.5.17

Esme has been Hedgehogs Child of the Week this week and she has chosen pink for the blog!

In Maths we used blank number lines and we used different number sentences. Some were adding and some taking away. We had to draw our own jumps to find the answers (Sophia).

On Monday we tasted different breads from around the world and then we made some bread (Christopher and Sid).

We have started to plan our own stories. We have used the books ‘The Little Red Hen’ and ‘Mr Wolf’s Pancakes’ to help us (Amelia and Mehdi). We have drawn pictures to plan out our stories and added useful words (Amber).

Next week we are having a visit from a Dental Nurse. In preparation, this week we looked in mirrors and we drew our faces with our teeth! (Mrs Chimes, Harry, Finley). We labelled our teeth (Alyssa).

Today we have practiced handwriting (Thomas). We joined ‘ill’, ‘till’, ‘mill’, ‘all’ and ‘fall’ (everybody!).