Fox Cubs 2016-17

Fox Cubs Class Blog Friday 5th May 2017

We were very excited on Monday morning. Something mysterious appeared outside!

“We found tiger food outside!” Wes.

“We found The Tiger Who Came To Tea book” Ahmad.

“We found a giant tea pot!” Lola.

“We found ham, jam, bread, and butter to make sandwiches!” Caleb.

“We decided to eat them and have a tea party!” Henry.

“On the grass there was giant tiger footprints!” Emilia.

Our new topic is food, so we have been thinking about lots of healthy foods and designing our own recipes.

“We wrote a recipe for a smoothie!” Ralphie told us. We had to think of our favourite fruits, and how many to put into the smoothie.

“I chose blueberries and put 20 in” Asa decided.

We are SO excited to make the smoothies using our recipes next week!!

“Elsie is child of the week” Harvey said. “She is going up in assembly!” Sophia said.

“Mine and Charlie had birthday” Neidas told us. They both had their birthday on the same day! We did lots of celebrating!

“We did some writing of numbers” Scott said. We have been practising our number formation this week, to make sure it is accurate when we write number sentences.

“We went to Tescos last week!” Jenson reminded us. We had an amazing time. We did rainbow fruit shopping, went in the giant fridge and freezer and even saw where the delivery lorries go too!

What a brilliant week!