Owls 2016-17

Owl’s Class Blog 31.03.17

This week we have been celebrating our school’s 50th birthday!

‘We have invited people to come to our school.’ – Chloe

‘This afternoon we are going to show our mummies and daddies around school.’ – Alfie

‘We are going to perform a special dance for them from the 1980s.’ – Joshua/Lenny

‘We are singing our special school song.’ – Erin

(Look out for videos and photographs of our celebrations on our Gallery page)

As part of the celebrations, we looked at how our village has changed over the past 50 years.

‘We went for a walk around South Wootton.’ – Harry T

‘We saw the duck pond and some ducks.’ – Ellie-Mai

‘We saw the fish and chip shop.’ – Isobel

‘We went to visit Alfie’s mum at his house and had a picture taken outside.’ – Lucy

‘We went for a walk to the post box to post letters to the hedgehogs.’ – Jack

We have also worked with some artists this week to help transform our school.

‘The felt lady came to school and helped us make a big felt banner.’ – Albie

‘Me and Jack made a centipede for the banner.’ – Codey

‘Me and Rubilyn made a flower.’ – Pixie

‘Me and Thomas made a ladybird.’ – Chloe

‘I painted an owl on the new mural in the hall.’ – Ruby

What another lovely busy term we have had!

Enjoy your holiday and get ready for our final term in Year One in 2 weeks time.