Owls 2016-17

Owl’s Class Blog 21.04.17

‘Our new topic is Food Glorious Food.’ Erin

To begin our topic we discussed the ingredients needed for us to become a ‘Good Learner.’ We wrote all our ideas down and took them into assembly to add to Miss Davenport’s magic cooking pot. Six main ingredients then came out of the pot and we are going to be working on these this term.

One of the ingredients was RESILIENCE.

‘On the first day back we learnt about resilience. This means you keep trying.’ Pixie

‘We were resilient when we tried to build a tower taller than a metre.’ Joshua

Another ingredient was CURIOSITY.

‘We have been learning about being curious by looking at pictures and asking questions about them.’ Elsie


‘We have tried being resourceful by using objects and making them useful by finding a different use for them.’ Codey

‘We used a baked bean tin and changed it into a paintbrush holder.’ Jack


‘We have been learning to be collaborative. It means you have to work in a team.’ Thomas

‘We are having a ‘tearooms’ in our classroom as part of our new topic.’ Jayden ‘So we coloured in some cupcakes for our tearoom display. We were being creative.’ Alfie

‘We painted big pictures of Abigail and Jack to put in our market that we have made in the cloakroom.’ Ellie-Mai

The final ingredient is REFLECTIVE, which we have thought about today, and this blog is us ‘reflecting’ on our week of learning.

‘We are going to vote again for student council. I hope it is going to be me.’ Codey

‘We have got new Home Learning sheets and I am going to do some this weekend.’ Harry