Otters 2016-17

Otters Class Blog 21.4.17

All week we have been trying different challenges.  We have tried to be resilient, curious, collaborative, creative, reflective and resourceful.

In English we were creative writing letters from coloured crayons. Thomas, Millie, Flynn and Caleb showed how we can do collaborative games, trying to stand on only a certain number of parts of your body, working in pairs.  We also showed resilience in trying to stand up as a pair – its harder than it sounds!

Come and look at our super apple tree we have made for display.  We have had a fun week and realised that we need to keep trying until we succeed and that it does not matter if we do not succeed straight away.  Some of us realised this in our maths lesson.  Initially we found the problem tricky, but with lots of practice most of us understood what we needed to do and all of us had improved.