Owls 2016-17

Owls Visit to Norwich Castle

We were all really excited this week, waiting to go on our visit to Norwich Castle Museum. At the beginning of the week we read a letter they sent to us and we had been preparing ourselves by finding out exactly how long ago the castle was built, what jousting was and who we thought we might meet when we arrived there.

Here are some pictures and comments about our day.

Alfie – I liked when we went and sat on the carpet and we met the maids.

Elsie – I really liked making the flags because I like jousting.

Ellie – Mai – I liked making patterns on the flags

Harry C – we smelt candles made of pig fat.

Abigail – I really enjoyed sorting out some kitchen stuff and knight’s stuff

Halle – I liked sorting the knights costumes out

Pixie – I liked looking at the fruits on the table near the kitchen.

Isobel – I liked looking at the spiral staircase that they had made into a ‘microwave.’ (It was explained to the children that the kitchen was not in the main castle keep so the food was brought in and heated up a bit like we do today with a microwave. One of the spiral staircases was made into a fire/microwave by throwing rubble down it and turning it into a fire)