Owls 2016-17

Owls Class Blog 17.03.17

This was our last week of our Castles and Dragons topic so we had some special treats.

On Thursday we had a lady called ‘Helium Helen’ come to see us who was a ‘Mad Scientist!’ – Albie/Mia

We built castles with pasta sheets (lasagne) and wooden bricks for the Royal Jelly Babies to be safe – Lenny

The castles were blown down by a leaf blower which made a storm – Jack

We used balls for the boulders and springs to try and knock the castles down – Chloe

During Mad Science, in the hall we tried to get Egbert into his home, it was just a normal potion container – Christopher from Hedgehogs threw Egbert to Helium Helen and then she put fire into Egberts home to get Egbert inside his home – Harry

Vilte said Christopher didn’t throw Egbert he passed it to Helium Helen because she might not have caught him.

We also saw a white light – when we wore some special glasses the white light became a rainbow and we have one pair of those special glasses to use in class – Olivia

We had Black Knight http://www.blackknighthistorical.co.uk/

in on Friday. King Edward and Queen Isabella showed us all about Dragons, Castles and Knights – Elsie/Abigail

During the Black Knight Assembly we talked about ‘skins’ one of them was a sheep and a deer and a cow and a boar – Ellie-Mai

We saw a real dragon – Ruby

The dragons were all different colours, green, blue, black, white and red – Erin

We all dressed up too.

Mrs Burt had a really difficult decision to make about who was going to be a Gold Home Learner winner because everyone had worked so hard with the Home Learning tasks.

Those children who were Gold Learners were presented with their certificates in a special assembly and were crowned or knighted by the King and Queen.

Everyone was given Silver by Mrs Burt for their excellent efforts!