Owls 2016-17

Owls Class Blog 10.03.17

We have been learning about turns in maths. We can turn ourselves and objects a whole turn, a half turn and a quarter turn.

We had a shield and a template of a castle. We had to turn it different ways and draw round the template. (Erin)

We have also been learning about measuring.

Today we all lined up to see how tall we were. (Pixie)

Elsie and Robert shouted out tallest and Jack and Olivia shouted out shortest. (Jayden)

Lucy, Abigail and Ruby shouted out shortest because they made the shortest tower, Rhyley and Harry T shouted out tallest because they made the tallest tower.

In our topic lesson we made catapaults to try and break down a castle.

We made them from a spoon, lolly sticks and elastic bands. (Abigail)

We had bits of paper and we tried to use our catapault to knock our walls down. (Joshua)

We measured with metre sticks how far our catapault missiles went. (Halle)

We have been practising our handwriting. I can join up. (Isobel)

Luna has now been to everyone’s house. We will now look after her at school.(Harry)

We are all really looking forward to our 50th anniversary celebrations over the next few weeks.

We are having a new library (Halle) because the school is soon going to have a birthday! (Ellie-Mai)

This week we had to draw and colour owls because we were looking for a winner to have their owl made out of felt to go in the new library (Lucy))