Fox Cubs 2016-17

Fox Cubs Class Blog Friday 31st March 2017

We have had a fantastic week! We wrote a talked about our address and had a go at writing it, and put on a stamp ready to post it! “I’ve been posting my letter! I went to the post office in South Wootton and I saw lots of signs” Wes. “We even saw a bike sign. My letter was for my brother and Lennon did one for his brother too” Charlie said.

We also went on a fantastic trip this week!

“We went to the farm park on Tuesday. I liked getting mucky!” William said.

“I like the tortoise because I like stroking them they were gentle” Scott said.

“I liked feeding the goats because you helped me” Ebony was very brave!

“I like stroking the lamb because they were nice and soft. I liked doing the eggs as well because I loved the machine that weighed the eggs” Asa told us.

It has also been a big week of celebrations, and today we celebrated the school’s 50th birthday.

“Me and Amy have been helpful and asking all the grown ups about 2017” Henry said.

We invited in old staff and pupils for a tour, did an Easter egg hunt, and even did a dance for the parents too!

It was Logan’s la day today L

“I have been drawing lots of pictures” Logan told us. He has also been playing hula-hoop with Lola. We have made him some lovely cards and gave him lots of kind words so that he remembers us forever. We will miss him!

Dr Barthonemu-Smithe sent us a video. “Sid and Rosie are going” Harry told us. “They have to go because they are getting bigger!” Caleb added.

“IT’S EASTER!” Harvey said excitedly.