Fox Cubs 2016-17

Fox Cubs Class Blog Friday 24th March 2017

“I’ve been playing power rangers with joe” Wes said.

“I really miss Seth” Scott said. “Seth has a poorly tummy and he is getting better” Emilia told us. He has sent us a message over Tapestry to let us know he is ok. “We can make him a get well card” Jenson added.

We have begun celebrating our school’s 50th Birthday this week! We went on a tour of the school and went back in time through the decades. “They do lots of different stuff in the olden days and they don’t have technology like us” Harvey said.

We have been thinking about the year 2017 (this year!) We have even made up and practised a class dance for 2017 too!! “We’ve been learning about 2017 and Aimee-May and me are going to be the tour guides” Henry told us. Henry wrote himself a script all by himself to help him remember what he wanted to say.

It has also been ‘red nose day’ this week, so we thought about the different children in need. “Charity is when people don’t have any money” Harvey said. We have been raising money for children in need. We watched a video all about Haja, who is very thankful for the money we have raised.