Fox Cubs 2016-17

Fox Cub Class Blog 3/3/17

We have had a fantastic week! So much has been happening that we want to tell you about…

Pancake day
We LOVED learning all about pancake day, and especially enjoyed the story of the Runaway Pancake! It was SO funny! We pretended to have pancake races, designed our own pancakes, and pretended to make pancakes in the mud kitchen too. We have been thinking about weighing in maths and some of us even made pancakes following the recipe at home. Henry sent us a HILARIOUS video where he flips the pancake and it lands on the floor!! We had to watch it lots of times!

World book day
We loved dressing up as book characters for world book day. We celebrated how much we enjoy books and shared our favorite stories with everyone. Please check out our photos to see our super outfits!

Sid the dragon
Sid the dragon has now been home with everybody and is starting to grow. He will soon be too big to keep as a pet at school or at home. We decided it will be best for him to live in a castle or at a volcano. Castle Rising is nearby so he might want to live there. We also researched some countries with volcanoes! We wrote the dragon Dr a letter so hopefully he will respond and let us know what will be best for Sid. We will miss him!

We also designed our own front covers on the computer this week by typing our name, choosing the colour, font, and pictures on the front. These have been made into special writing books which we are SO excited to use at school and at home.

What a fantastic week!