Rabbits 2016-17

Rabbit Class Blog Friday 3rd February 2017

“We have learnt the letter sounds, x, z and qu.” Said Finley.

“We read the story, The Dragon Machine.” Said Samuel.

“A little boy drives in it and sleeps in it!” said Hope.

“It fell down to the ground and broke.” Added Samuel.

“We’ve been adding numbers together.” Said Lily.

“I wrote a number sentence.” Said Samuel.

“I enjoyed doing PE playing with the hoops.” Said Dexter.

“I’ve enjoyed making a castle at home with my daddy.” Said Jude.

“I enjoyed taking Rosie, our class dragon, home.” Said Farrah.

“I also made bread at home in the shape of a crown for everyone to try!” Farrah added.

“I enjoyed being child of the week last week.” Said Ozzy.

“I enjoyed making a shaker bottle with an empty bottle, pom poms and little rainbow sticks.” Said Hope.

“I’ve enjoyed making my mummy pictures.” Said Charlie-Roy.

“I made a dragon that breathes fire.” said Mabel.