Rabbits 2016-17

Rabbit Class Blog 24.02.17

“This week we’ve learnt sh and ch.” Said Alfie.

“Sh is in sheep.” Said Jenson.

“We read the story The Princess and the Pea.” Said Lily.

“The Princess gave us a note and there was a pea on Miss Riddington’s chair!” said Hope.

“The Princess came to visit us but it was only Miss Riddington.” Said Cherri.

“The Prince wants to marry a true Princess.” Said Mabel.

“The Prince was sad because he couldn’t find one.” Said Farrah.

“A Princess felted a pea under 20 mattresses.” Said Hope.

“She needed a ladder to get up.” Said Jenson.

“I drew a picture of the Princess and the Pea.” Said Dexter.

“I’ve been writing lots of numbers.” Said Samuel.

“We looked at what was bigger and smaller than 10cm.” said Hope.

“We’ve been measuring using scales.” Said Lily.

“We’ve been weighing.” Said Lexie.

“We went to the library and we read a book.” Said Lily.

“I enjoyed playing with the balls in PE, bouncing them up and down and catching them.” Said Hope.

“I enjoyed joining letters together in handwriting.” Said Luke.

“I wrote sentences about rabbits.” Said Jude.

“I enjoyed being child of the week.” Said Charlie-Roy.