Rabbits 2016-17

Rabbit Class Blog 10.02.2017

“I’ve enjoyed adding lots of numbers together using numicon. I made 100.” Said Jenson.

“I like writing numbers.” Said Samuel.

“I enjoyed doing numbers too.” Said Farrah.

“I enjoyed writing numbers to 38.” Said Jude.

“I’ve enjoyed making a shield with mummy at home.” Said Charlie-Roy.

“I’ve enjoyed making story stones of Zog!” said Luke.

“I’ve enjoyed playing with Emma in the home corner.” Said Lexie.

“I liked getting the parachute out in PE.” Said Cherri-Rose.

“I enjoyed taking Rosie the class Dragon home. We had a Chinese!” said Luke.

“I enjoyed playing trains.” Said Alfie.

“I’ve been making a pirate ship with shapes and straws and cardboard.” Said Charlie-Roy.