Hedgehogs 2016-17

Hedgehogs Class Blog – 10.2.17

At the beginning of this week we read ‘The Dragon Machine’ by Helen Ward and this book inspired us to make our own dragon machines.  So we have been very busy all week designing and then making our dragon machines.

We made plans which we followed and when we finished we wrote an explanation of how our machines worked. We decided to exhibit our dragon machines and we included both our plans and explanations in our exhibition.

We visited Owl classroom to view their exhibition of dragon machines and they visited us to view ours.  We told each other about our models and asked and answered questions on them. Then we shared our views of the models we had seen.

Here are some quotes about our models from children in Owl Class:

“Kara-Mae’s was really colourful.”   Isobel

“I like Scarlett’s because it has dots.”  Alfie

“Riley and Adam thought about what they were going to do and the eyes (yoghurt pots) added detail.”  Erin

“Sophia used bottles and lots of materials.”  Abigail

“Amelia’s was colourful.”  Lenny

Amelia’s had a nice face for the dragon.”  Pixie

“Charlie.H. had little squashy things in to look like oil.”  Maisie

“Christopher had a secret door.”  Albie

“I liked the head on Albie’s because it was painted red.”  Codey

“Anton’s was painted nicely with blue paint.”  Lexi

“I liked Riley’s jet boosters on the back and yoghurt pots for eyes.”  Harry.C.

“I liked Alyssa’s group model because I like how she used the boxes to build it up.”  Ellie-Mai

“I liked how Charlie used yoghurt pots to make the mouth.”  Jayden

“Alyssa’s pot can come undone and it smells of chocolate.”  Elsie