Fox Cubs 2016-17

Fox Cubs Class Blog Friday 3rd February 2017

“This week we have been learning about castles and dragons and princesses. I loved coming back to school on Monday the best!” Aimee-May said.

“We gave been learning about parts of a castle. The princess lives in the tower bit” Liliana told us.

“The turret is the pointy bit on the top of the cylinder bit of the castle” Jenson said.

“There are arrow slits for them to shoot arrow through!” Joe told us.

“The drawbridge opens and shuts” Harvey said. “They open it when the goodies come, and they close it when the baddies come!” Emilia explained.

“There is a moat to stop the baddies coming in, there is water all around the castle” Elsie said.

Henry told us all about the pointy gate. Aimee-May reminded us that it is called a portcullis.

“The baddies and the goodies fight in an open space in the castle” Chloe said. “They attack there” Logan added. “It’s called the battlement” Emilia remembered.

We have been learning about adding. Harry knew that the cross symbol meant “adding up”. When we add numbers together, our answer gets “bigger!” Caleb reminded us. We are very good at adding. William even knows the equals sign too!

We have had an amazing week this week. We have learnt sooooo much… but our brains haven’t popped out just yet (apart from Charlie…his brain has popped!) I wonder what we will learn about next week!?