Red Squirrels 2016-17

Red Squirrels Blog 13.01.17

When we came into school on Monday we noticed there was some purple slime on the cupboard. When Miss Ely uncovered the egg we could see a golden wing! We were all very excited.


We kept checking the egg to make sure it was ok, after lunch our dragon had hatched! Our class dragon is called Starlight, she has black and gold fur.

Starlight has been on lots of sleepovers this week. So far she has been to stay at Miss Ely’s, Grace’s, Rhys’ and Isabelle’s house. Starlight has been using iPads and playing on scooters, she has had lots of fun. She can’t wait for more sleepovers next week!

In English we have started to read our book from Dr Smythe called Tell Me a Dragon.


There are lots of different dragons in the books. Ikechi’s favourite dragon is the snow dragon because it has soft, fluffy fur. Finlay’s favourite dragon is the fire dragon because it looks like a hot flame.  Sophia’s favourite dragons were the tiny dragons, they have wings like glass!

In art we sketched pictures of our favourite dragons from the book, we used chalk pastels to colour them in. We liked using our fingers to smudge the chalk