Rabbits 2016-17

Rabbit Class Blog 6.1.17

Mrs Davenport called an assembly on our first morning back as she discovered some mysterious eggs in our forest area! Mrs Davenport reported the discovery to the Natural History Museum and she received a reply asking the children to be eggs-plorers and find out as much information as we can to report back to them.

The children discussed what animals/creatures that lay eggs. Some suggestions included a chicken, a toucan, a dinosaur and a snake. The children then went looking for clues.

“I discovered scratches on the tree and footprints on the field!” said Lily.

“I found skin.” Said Luke.

“I enjoyed seeing all 6 of the eggs.” Said Hope.

“I enjoyed discovering the burnt sticks.” Said Samuel.

The children thoroughly enjoyed investigating and we sent our evidence back to the Natural History Museum.

After receiving the information we sent, a ‘Professor’ from the Natural History Museum came to visit our school. He confirmed they were friendly Dragon eggs.

“I liked asking the Professor questions.” Said Jenson.

“The Professor was very funny. He shone the torch in his eye before he shined it on the egg!” said Hope.

We are all very excited to see if they hatch!