Rabbits 2016-17

Rabbit Class Blog 20.01.2017

“We have learnt the letters j and v.” said Charlie-Roy.

“I enjoyed writing tricky words.” Said Samuel.

“I liked writing sentences about my dragon. It was a fire dragon that heated my whole house up!” said Jenson.

“We made a story about a dragon. Nearly at the end, the dragon eats the boy! We said it and Mrs Newman write it for us on a big piece of paper.” Said Hope

“I liked building castles with Alfie. We used the really hard bricks.” Said Lexie.

“I made a dragon egg with a balloon and covered it with paper and glue and leaved it to dry.” Said Mabel.

“I drawed shapes on a piece of paper and cut them out.” Said Farrah.

“I enjoyed doing some numbers.” Said Olivia.

“I enjoyed doing PE. I was a dragon.” Said Ozzy.

“I enjoyed the parachute in PE.” Said Tommy.

“I liked making pictures.” Said Dexter.

“I enjoyed cutting out flowers.” Said Jude.

“I enjoyed playing snakes with Isaac.” Said Reece.

“I enjoyed playing robots.” Said Isaac.