Owls 2016-17

Owls Class Blog 18.11.16

image001Today is Children in Need day.

‘We have been raising money for children who are not as lucky as us and may have to spend time in hospital.’ (Elsie)

‘We have worn spots on our clothes.’ (Codey)

‘We put money on Pudsey on the playground.’ (Jayden)

‘We have watched a little video about children in a school raising money for Children in Need. They were selling cupcakes and had some big cuddly Pudseys.’ (Harry C)


We have continued to learn about toys.

‘We have watched some of Toy Story and we were looking at Andy and Sid’s bedrooms.’ (Isobel)

‘Sid’s bedroom is very dark because he is horrible. Andy’s bedroom is tidy and light because Andy is nice.’ (Ruby)

‘We wrote about our own bedroom. My bedroom is not like Sid’s bedroom because it is not dirty and dark.’ (Joshua)

‘Buzz Lightyear is Andy’s new toy. This makes Woody feel angry and not happy.’ Jayden

‘We wrote on posters about the characters. We thought about what they look like and what they are like in the film. ‘(Mia)


‘We brought in a toy from home and we sorted them out into groups.’ (Albie)

‘The plastic toys went in the plastic group. The wooden toys went in the wooden group. We had a fabric group and a metal group.’ (Thomas)

‘My cars were metal.’ (Robert)


In Maths we have been learning different strategies to help when we are taking away.

‘Today we solved some problems with taking away. They were fun’ (Rhyley)

‘We can use little spots to help us find an answer. We count them up, then we cross some out and we count what’s left to find the answer.’ (Pixie)

Phew! Another busy week of learning for the owls.