Hedgehogs 2016-17

Hedgehogs Blog 11th November 2016

On Monday Miss Davenport taught us as Miss Brice was feeling poorly. We drew a story S and drew pictures around it to show the sequence that we do activities in our day.

On Tuesday Miss Brice was back .We were very busy writing descriptive sentences about our special cuddly toys.

On Wednesday we learnt all about conjunctions and wrote some sentences using them. We also looked at some pictures of Teddy Bears and we had to work out how old we thought they were. One of the teddies was over 100 years old.

On Thursday in Maths we learnt about Time and how we show O’clock and half past. We also learnt how to use speech bubbles in the correct way.

On Friday we learnt how to take on a characters role. First we had a picture from the story “Dogger” and created a freeze frame of the scene. We then acted out the scene using drama. What a busy week !