Owls 2016-17

7th October 2016

This week Isobel said she has enjoyed making a Superhero picture for the wall display. She has chosen to be an Ice Girl with special powers.

Vilte loves to play Superheroes at playtime because she can make up her own adventures.

Alfie loves to play in the role play corner where there is a jail. He enjoys rescuing people with his superpowers of ice and fire.

How wonderful to have such an amazing imagination! Elsie loves to make up stories and tell them with actions and says her head is full of ideas.

Maths has been about shape this week. Lucy was able to tell us that a cube is a 3D shape and has 6 square faces. We all built incredible Hero Hideouts using bricks.

Finally, Ruby loved using the computers in the ICT Suite to go on Phonics Play.