Hedgehogs 2016-17

21st October 2016

On Monday the Evil Pea came to our school and took our hedgehog Sam! He also took Owl’s class Owl, Snowy.

He set us lots of different challenges that we had to complete to get Sam and Snowy back.

The challenges were fun but very hard. We had to find letters and rhyming words, write descriptive sentences and measure distances in Pea miles! We also had to solve riddles to make 3D shapes and we had to use our counting in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s to find our way around a superhero number maze.

We made traps and wanted posters to try to catch Evil Pea. We didn’t catch him but he left a letter in Anton’s pea trap giving us clues about where he had hidden Sam. We found him! He was trapped under a shopping basket! Poor Sam, we have all given him a cuddle to make him feel better, we really missed him.

Today is our last day, we are dressed up as superheroes and we are having a reading café this afternoon. We are all very excited and Mrs Angell says we look fabulous, like real superheroes.