Rabbits 2016-17

21st October 2016

“We have learnt the letter sound m and n.” said Isaac.

In Maths, we have been looking at numbers to 10 and putting them in order.

We have been making Superhero badges and coming up with our own Superhero names.

“I am Supergirl Olivia.” Said Olivia.

“I am Green Iron Tommy.” Said Tommy.

“I am Super Alf!” said Alfie.

“I made a Superhero mask with lots of Sparkle on it.” Said Hope.

We all attended the Superhero training camp which was lots of fun.

“We jumped over the hurdles.” Said Samuel.

“We crawled through the net, bounced the ball 5 times and we did skipping and jumping.” Said Jenson.

Also this week,

“I made a Superhero book” said Samuel.

“I liked cutting Superheroes out.” Said Liam.

Today we had our Fantastic Finish and all dressed up as Superheroes!

“I made a jet pack, cuffs and a mask!” said Tommy.

“I dressed as Bubble girl.” said Farrah.

This afternoon we had a reading café, where we read the story Supertato. We did lots of fun activities.

“I made Superpear!” said Hope.

“I made Supertato with playdough.” Said Jenson

“I went on a hunt for the Evil Pea.” Said Reece.

“I cut lots of vegetables up and printed with them!” said Cherri-Rose.