Rabbits 2016-17

14th October 2016

This week we have learnt the sounds p and i.
“i is for Igloo” said Hope.
“p is for police man” said Jenson.
In Maths we have been looking at numbers to 5, counting objects to 5, recognising the numbers and forming the numbers correctly. We have also been forming the numbers with our hips! The children have really enjoyed learning the numbers with the help of El Nombre!
We have been exploring our topic further this week, looking at Superheroes.
At the beginning of the week a baddie had been into school and trapped the Georgies! We were so worried and came up with lots of ideas to rescue them and capture the baddie. The children were so pleased when a superhero had saved them during lunchtime. By the afternoon we found the Georgies happily rescued, resting, and reading a story book!

Henry wrote down some numbers that he saw, “zero, zero… This might be a code or a clue!” He said. “You distract him… I’ll trap him!” He schemed.
William decided to be a policeman and look for clues!
Ozzy worked with his friends to make a den wooden wooden blocks.
Harvey said “he might be invisible!”
“Oh they are too high to jump and reach them” Chloe said.
“I will scare the baddie!” Dexter decided.
Elsie-May measured the footprints, she worked with Miss Riddington to measure the footprints. “12 cm!” We measured.
“Put something big so your hands so you can reach Georgie” Caleb W decided.
“Oh look the bad guy put sellotape and string on them!” Logan noticed.
Farrah found the tape that they baddie had used to tape them up with!
Samuel made a trap using junk modelling.
Tommy had super fire super power to catch the baddie!
Alfie said the slime felt “soft and cold”.
Mabel made a fantastic invention. “The feathers will tickle the villain!” She said.
“I am superman!” Neidas said.
Reece worked with Aimee-May to make a trap.
“If we run around with scelotape we could stick the villain to us!”
Jenson wrote a letter to cheer up Georgies. He wrote “I love you”.
Hope M made a box with sticky bits inside. The villain can put his hand in the box and get it stuck! She said.
“I made a trap that can chop him up!” Seth Woodhouse said.
“I think the superhero would smell like cheese and onion” Alfie decided.
“I think he would smell like coffee and walnut cake” Isaac said.
“I think he would look like slimy cheese and sticky too” Olivia decided.
“I bet Georgies feels sad to be stuck up the tree” Lennon thought. “But they will be happy now we gave them a note to cheer them up” Jenson said.

What super ideas to capture the baddie! The children have loved coming up with ideas, gadgets and traps, and have worked so well together to save the Georgies!
It is so lovely to have them back safe with us again.
During the week they continued to create costumes and gadgets and have thoroughly enjoyed the Superhero theme.