Class 3 – Caterpillars 2015-16

Caterpillars Class Blog 1.07.16

On Thursday it was our Sports Day.

‘We went to different places around the school to play different games.’ Owen

‘When we ran our races we got a sticker.’ Layla

‘One of the stations was called the ‘Drink Station.’ This is where we could have a drink.’ Luke

‘I enjoyed making a flag to go on my back.’ Ava

‘I liked the bouncy hopper race.’ Chloe

‘I liked the hurdles.’ Millie

‘I liked throwing the bean bags into the hoops.’ Chester.

Brody, Phoebe, Casey and Charlotte were all in the winning team, Slovakia.

We went to our new class on Wednesday.

‘We are going to be Otters.’ Harry.

‘We had a story about an Otter because we are going to be the Otters class then we could choose an activity to do.’ Robyn

We did some art work. We used pieces of material to stick on to a picture of an Otter.’ Isabella

‘We used lots of materials to make our otter.’ Laney

‘I went on Silver for my art work.’ Millie

Olivia and Maisie were put on silver for writing about themselves inside an otter template.