Class 4 – Crickets 2015-16

Crickets class weekly blog 24.6.16

In literacy this has been our last week looking at Peter Pan. We did role play and had to think about what might have happened before the story for Peter Pan and Captain Hook to not like each other (Rhys). We also wrote a letter to Wendy as Peter Pan asking questions and using the first person (Imogen).

In maths we have been measuring shadows. We had characters from Jake and the Neverland Pirates (William) and we had to make shadows using torches (Ithalia). Today we went outside to measure our own shadows. We noticed that at first they were big but before lunch they were smaller (Jack).

In art we used pastels to create a scene from Peter Pan. We had to focus on how we were going to create silhouettes against a night sky.


In D.T. we made our pirate objects to go in the pirate museum (Oliver). We made a cannon ball (Oliver), a dirk (Jack), a compass (Alfie) and a flag (Dulcie).