Class 3 – Caterpillars 2015-16

Caterpillars Class Blog 10.6.16

Monday was ‘Pirate Day.’ We all came to school dressed as Pirates and a man called Adrian came to school as a pirate to do map activities with us.

‘We used maps to find treasure.’ Jack

‘Before we went treasure hunting we looked at directions. North, South, East and West.’ Thomas

‘I enjoyed making a cutlass using a template and wrapping tin foil around it.’ Chloe

‘I enjoyed making a flag.’ Brody

image027In English this week we have been looking at the story of Peter Pan. We all watched the Disney version of it and thought it was really good.

‘I wrote about Nana.’ Robyn

‘Mrs Chaplin found a treasure chest in the cupboard. We picked out some of the bits inside and thought they looked like they were from the story of Peter Pan.’ Owen

‘We had to match the objects in the treasure chest to the character pictures.’ Layla

We are looking forward to more work with Peter Pan next week.

We have also begun thinking about floating and sinking.

‘If something floats it will be on top of the water, if something sinks it will be under the water.’ Laney

‘If something floats it means it has air in it. If it sinks it means it has no air in it.’ Thomas

‘We dropped an egg into water and it sank.’ Maisie

‘When I put an orange in a tank of water it sank.’ Isabella

Today we said good bye for a little while to Miss Claxton as she is leaving to have her baby. We had a big circle time with the Crickets and all gave Miss Claxton a compliment. We wish you all the best with your new baby, we will miss you.